This weekend we are hopping in the kayak, then later to a paintball range!

With all this social media craze and demanding constant connection, it has become so difficult to just sit back and read a book.
“It’s not that fun, after all,” you’d tell me.  Well, what would you say, if I challenged you to live the story – your story; to feel it in your bones?

Here’s how to live your own story:

Imagine yourself gliding on your kayak.  Far up yonder, you spot some of your teammates debating over who has more skill.  Listening to your synchronized heartbeat as you row ever so quickly over the disturbed water, you finally reach them shouting, “I do!” and you row with all your might in a frenzied competition with your teammates.  May the most determined win!  Later, you stand on the battlefield with no one to aid but your friends, ready to fight for your rights, for your freedom, and dignity.  Have I got your attention now? 

Our kayaking trip and paintball range will make you feel like the main protagonist of the world’s best literature masterpieces.  We bet that after such experience you’ll find your future favorite book.  Make you sure you share it too.

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