In Geometry Partner, each student can explore a future career, develop leadership skills and experience college life. We assist students to make their education & career life smooth and successful.

Tuition: “Greater understanding is a premier tutoring”. We at Geometry Partner offers a wide range of services to help college students with all their professional subjects. The service provided by geometry partner promotes access to high-quality education ensuring pupils that they are thoroughly prepared for their next stage.

Internship: We help students for the internship program which is a pre-professional work term. Internship very helpful to students, recent graduates and those who are seeking to change career paths & opportunity to gain experience in their particular interested field. We believe that students should be remunerated for productive work.

Career Guidance: We help students to understand the needs, requirements & benefits of selected career.

  • Healthcare: We have a team of medical experts who can assist student to build career in the healthcare field. Our professional design and implement an innovative solution across healthcare.
  • Business: As many of the students dream about the career in the business field. Our business counselor helps such students to learn the complex global business terms & highlight some important leadership skills that needs to grab for their career success.
  • Science & Technology: Our technical experts help students to understand the deepness of technical expertise as well as the importance of leadership & communication skills.


Industrial Visit: Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing in different sectors like IT, manufacturing and services, finance and marketing. Industrial visit is the necessity of today’s education system as this will help bridge gap between student’s theoretical knowledge about the subject. In the Geometry Partner, we conduct the industrial visit with a group of students who are also interested in same choice of sector. This visit helps students to easily understand the working process, equipment usability & internal environment of the company or factory.

Resume Writing: Resume is one of the most important document that we ever have. If the resume is not as good as it should be, then person may get very few interviews or none at all. A professionally written resume helps to win an interview. Our experts provide the professional resume writing services and ensure that the resume creates the maximum impact.
Project Completion: Geometry partner don’t just assist in completing assignments, but, we offer a complete list of writing services which suites student’s project or assignment specifications. This is a unique service provided by us which aims to satisfy the needs of the students who need help in completing the projects and assignments. We have expert writers with us who have excellent academic qualifications.