This is the very important stage in children’s life because it helps to build the foundation & unlock their potential. The children between the ages of 4–12 coming in this category. It is the main point of delivery of primary education. For lifetime success & all academic achievement, the literacy & numeric skills are necessary. This stage’s child is interested to work in a group means they are very curious about how things are put together and how things work. In short, it is the base point of any student who learns basic arithmetic, English proficiency (such as basic grammar, spelling, and vocabulary), and other subject’s fundamentals. We always try to use our time together to rebuild any missing pieces that may have occurred along the way.

As everyone know, an elementary student doesn’t focus that much as older student can do to learn & adapt new things. Our tutors keep tutoring sessions interesting & engaging so that student can easily learn new things with full of fun. We also teach some skills that will helps in everyone’s life, such as time management skill, home work skill, organizational skill and many more.

When & Where We Focuses:

When Focuses on
Kindergarten Strong foundation of learning & adapting skills
3rd Grade Basic of Maths, Reading & Writing skills
6th Grade Evaluate & plan for next step studies

Curricular Activities

Geometry Partner runs different development programs including emotional development, social development, moral development & intellectual development to boost children’s capability of creativity & innovation. This will help children to interact with each other & understand the quality of communication.

Language Tutoring:

Geometry partner helps students to enrich their academic development by teaching a new learning of all types of language arts such as writing, reading, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, phonics, etc. Our goal to make student proficient in all era of languages and help them to increase listening ability, memory, creativity, and critical thinking.

Math Tutoring:

Knowing the fundamentals of math will help students throughout their life. It serves as the foundation for more complex math in further studies. Our tutors help students to build number sense by showing them how the numbers work. We teach math skills with targeted topics and customized plan according to the individual student’s goals and needs.

Science Tutoring:

Science employs both logic & mathematic formulas and hence it can be difficult for some students. In Geometry Partner, we offer a customized session to learn science and develop the strong thinking & learning skills.