Robotic Education Lab:

Geometry partner knows how mathematical & technological literacy is important for every student.  Keeping this in mind we developed the Robotic Education Lab to promote more STEM involvement from an early age, also encouraging as a potential area of study and future employment.  We educate children about the techniques and equipment used in STEM systems, such as mobile robots, Lego, machine vision systems, manipulators, electronics & mechanical fabrication benches, etc.

Summer Camps:

Summer camps are a fun and interactive opportunity for students, para-professionals, teachers, and service providers. Our team of Geometry Partner makes summer camp experiences unique and enjoyable for the students of all ages. Our science camps also engage and expand young minds with constant recreation.

Winter Camps:

Geometry Partner team is here to nurture the potential of all children and help them to grow in mind, body, and spirit at every time of the year. Our winter camps revolve around age-appropriate winter sports and activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, among others.  This institution is a place where students of all ages learn something new and a place to create memories with friends and family.

Day Trip:

Geometry Partners looks forward to day trips, our most popular form of age-appropriate recreation and leisure for students of all ages. Find updates on our next trip, up-coming camps, and other events on our NEWS page.